Awareness is an important ingredient is bringing attention to the world`s challenges and successes.  At 195in365 we strive to work with others on this journey that converts into a global virtual dynamic with real time influences. Word of mouth, physical participation, social media engagements, and conventional media interactions all form part of the catalyst of change.

We encourage governments to promote volunteerism, especially among youth, and to not limit it to the community level, but encourage it as an active part of aid funding and our everyday agenda.

We urge companies as part of their corporate responsibility to assist underdeveloped countries with technology transfer, tangible equipment, and investment in projects that assist sustainable growth for those nations.


Our outreach programme is tied to the needs of the 195 countries visited. Action agencies pledge their support in making this a reality by assisting with challenges identified, investing in initiatives, building capacity or simply connecting us with the right counterparts to make a difference.

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